I’ve been reading a ton of praise recently for Panera Bread Company who announced this week that they will eliminate artificial ingredients, sweeteners and preservatives from their products, by 2016. Everyone seems to agree that this is a good thing, and that they are a great company for doing it. I agree; it is a good thing. But I also have to wonder; why did they use them in the first place? And why will it take them two years to stop using them? I also have to wonder if they would still be doing this even if their sales weren’t declining.

Subway restaurants had the same response last month when they announced that they would stop adding yoga mat sneaker foam (azodicarbonamide) to their sandwich bread. I call it the repentant sinner effect. The sinner who repents is admired more than the person who never sinned, like the recovering addict is given more credit than the person who never abused substances.  Both of these companies are getting LOTS of praise for their announcements.

If you can’t wait until 2016, and want to eat some simple, natural, wholesome food today, I invite you to come visit our bakery. Since 1976, Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat Bread has been made with 5 simple ingredients: Fresh, stone-ground whole wheat flour, filtered water, pure honey, fresh yeast, and salt. Such simple ingredients are the basis for all of our products. Look up the ingredients for Panera Honey Wheat Bread – I counted 38 ingredients!

At Great Harvest Bread Company, we mill our own whole wheat flour and make our own dough right here in our bakery in Newbury Park, it’s not trucked in from a factory somewhere else or sitting in a freezer.  Our motives are simple: we love what we do, and we care about our customers and our community. We aren’t trying to prove to our shareholders that we’re responding to trends. All we ask is that if you appreciate what we are doing, please tell your friends about us.

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