About Our Bread

Here are some key qualities we think you should know about Great Harvest bread…….

  • We mill our own whole wheat flour daily! What’s so great about that?
  • We make everything from scratch. Unlike a lot of bakery products out there, we NEVER just add water to a mix or “bake off” frozen product that came in on a truck, etc. (yuck!)
  • With a few special exceptions, we don’t add oils, dairy or fat to our breads.
  • Unlike most grocery store bread, we never use preservatives, dough conditioners, or chemical additives no one can pronounce! Read the labels.
  • Our signature bread, Honey Whole Wheat, has only 5 ingredients: fresh stone-ground whole wheat flour, water, yeast, honey, and salt! We keep our breads simple because we care about taste and nutrition.
  • Our bread stays fresh for 7-10 days. It’s great for shipping, too! Our shipped loaves arrive within 2 days.
  •  High quality wheat! Nothing influences our bread quality more than wheat. High quality wheat is so important to us that we have our very own Wheat Specialist  whose job is to research and select wheat for our breads. Farmers send her a lot of wheat – about 50 bags a year. She tests each bag by baking loaves from each, turning down the bags which aren’t up to her standards (usually 30-40%). She’s got a good eye and good taste buds too, checking carefully at the way the wheat bakes – does it bake evenly? Is it moist? does it have a slightly sweet, nutty taste? She’s looking for wheat that bakes well, has extraordinary taste, has the most protein, and high fiber.

All that, just to ensure that Great Harvest breads are the most delicious & nutritious that they can be.


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