Fresh Ground


Ever since the original Great Harvest opened in 1976, our breads have been made with freshly ground whole grain wheat flour. Why?


First of all, it tastes better.

Just as a cup of coffee tastes better when the beans are freshly ground, our bread tastes fresher, fuller, and more “wheaty” because we grind the wheat kernels fresh every day.

Secondly, it’s better for you.

The minute you crush a wheat kernel
it starts to lose it’s nutrients, so
the sooner fresh ground flour is used to bake your bread the more
nutritious it will be. Most of us don’t know when the flour in a store-bought loaf was ground, but you can always know that the flour in your Great Harvest loaf is fresh, because we stone-grind it right here in our bakery every day..

The WHOLE Grain Difference
Further, when we grind our wheat, we grind the whole wheat kernel. In fact, our flour is nothing more than that entire wheat kernel, coarsely stone-ground. That includes the fiber-rich bran, and the nutrient-rich wheat germ. When whole grains are refined to make white flour, the bran and the germ, and all of their beneficial nutrients, antioxidants, and disease-fighting properties are removed.

Why stone milling is “WAY COOL”…….
Here’s the choice we modern millers face: to use an old-fashioned stone mill, or a modern steel mill. Not surprisingly, modern mills are designed to process the grain more quickly, but in the process, the steel blades heat up. This heat transfers to the wheat during this fragile state, which is damaging to its nutritional value. “Stone” milling is a slower and, therefore, cooler process, preserving more nutritional value.

Simply adding fresh ground whole wheat to your diets is an easy and delicious way to load up on fiber, protein, antioxidant nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential plant fats and oils.


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